TDT: Sunrise, Sunset



I seem to be drawn to running when the sun is rising or setting.  There’s just something about the sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, way the sun says, “Hello,” or, “Good night,” that appeals to me and pulls me down the road.  I’m thankful I am capable of seeing the sun wake up and go to bed each day.

The sunrises and sunsets I run after so frequently are magical.  They aren’t magical in the way you might think.  Yes, they are beautiful.  Sometimes the colors are soft and sweet.  They soothe me into, or out of, the day.  Sometimes the colors are loud, glittery and launch me into consciousness. These clichéd vignettes are stunning, but not magical.  The magic lies in the time travel.  These little moments take me back to amazing memories: feeling the sky fall while making the lonely, yet introspectively profound, drives back and forth between home and college, watching the sky brighten as the day crawled toward the culmination of so much hard work: my college graduation, running through Orbisonia in the wee hours of the morning on my second leg of The Hope Express and the countless therapeutic runs at the start and end of my day.  There are so many more to remember and countless more to experience.



I’m thankful I know the sun will continue to rise and fall.  No matter what happens today, relatively speaking, tomorrow is still going to come.  The sun, whether shining bright or snuggled in a blanket of clouds, will tuck me in at night and bring me to the next day.  This thought is so peaceful: no matter what impediments seem to keep me from moving forward, they are insignificant because nothing will stop tomorrow.  It will arrive with all it’s delights and challenges; arriving to make me stronger, smarter and more thankful.

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