TDT: The Ebb

Life is a constant ebb and flow.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Peace before the storm and then after again.  There’s been a lot of storm around here recently: Election, Sandy, economy, unstable world governments and on and on and on.  Those are just a few of the macro storms.  That doesn’t include the day-to-day things one must face with the dawning of each day.  Depending on one’s race, gender, socioeconomic status, geographic location, marital status, etc., there’s a whole host of other storms waiting to rain down on an individual.  These storms are ready to flood.  That flood is ready to flow up to one’s knees, waist and shoulders, right under one’s nose and then over.

Where’s the ebb? Where’s the dry land? Where’s the levy?

The ebb is where you make it.  The peace is where you put it.  Sure, you can wait for the storm to pass, but who knows how long that will be?  Not me and I certainly don’t intend to stand in the flood until my fingers get all pruney.  I’m going to find a way to get dry, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Today, while talking with a friend, I consciously made an effort to be thankful for my taste buds.  Why? Because that’s all I had control over at that moment.

Today was an incredibly hectic day: very little in my control.  What can I control? I can give myself a little ebb.  When the storm floods in, the water comes rushing to overtake me, will I just stand there and drown? Nope.  I’m going to give myself a little ebb.  Today, it was stopping in the middle of it all for a teeny tiny lunch.  It was just a few moments, but just what I needed to last a bit longer until the next little ebb.

What’s your ebb?  Better to think about it now, before the water is up to your neck.  One miniscule effort, positive thought or indulgent break can help you build up the sandbags to keep your feet dry or could reroute the flood altogether until the sun comes out again.

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