I went for a walk with my Dad…

Do you remember that time we walked on the beach? We spent the whole day talking about life: the ups and downs.  I told you all the things that made me stressed and worried.  You said, “Life’s like that.”  Remember how I told you about all the amazing things going on?  Remember how you smiled?

Remember, after that, how we drove up to Annapolis?  You told me all about Pop and his time in the Navy.  You told me about the vacations you and Mom and Gram and Pop went on.  We had tea by the harbor.  We talked about Penn State Football and Joe Paterno.  I tried to talk you into running the Marine Corps Marathon with me in the Fall.  I said you could do it as my birthday gift.

Remember how we drove back into DC and watched the sunset over the monuments and memorials?  Remember how we talked about that Mexican restaurant you liked in Ocean City and then went to Los Tios here?  Remember that perfect Father’s Day?

Me neither.

Appreciate your Dad today and every day.  Let him know because there will come a day when you no longer can.

One thought on “I went for a walk with my Dad…

  1. Since I have walked in your shoes, I understand and agree – – Dads are one of God’s gifts that too often we don’t appreciate! Wonderful post!!!

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