For my friend…

To Connie

I know this is a scary time,
With fear swirling around.
Please take comfort as I convey to you,
That HOPE and love surround.

You have a tough road ahead,
Nothing you cannot face.
“You were not meant for failure here,
Get up and win that race!”

And win that race you shall,
For if you fall behind,
There are hundreds awaiting just one call,
To help you cross that line.

We’ve got your back, we’re here with you,
Every step of the way,
You’ll never have to fight alone,
We’ll be there every day.

We’ll be there in the big and small,
The victories and defeats,
At this starting line, you’re not alone,
With you, each of us competes.

We cannot bear this in your place,
We know the battle is yours,
But battles are small, my dear,
For you have OUR army for the wars.

This is the week the fight begins,
Cancer’s gonna lose,
You’ve got the grit of a thousand men,
It’s life you’re gonna choose!

This weekend we will run for you,
And others with your plight,
Your indomitable spirit fills OUR souls,
For TOGETHER, we’ll win this fight.

So call us when you need us,
When fear brings you to another door,
And together we’ll kick cancer’s ass,
Just like we’ve done before!




4 thoughts on “For my friend…

  1. Beautiful! The thoughts are wonderful, but the heart given to you by our LORD, which can express such depth of feeling, is the true blessing.

  2. you’re such a beautiful person Autumn- right to your very core ❤ you always express so nicely what many of us have a difficult time saying- thank you- the world needs more people like you!

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