Hope Express Recap 2014

For my HE family…

The last few days have changed my life,
Just like they always do,
And sitting here worn out tonight,
I wonder, “Who else, too?”

In the parking lot with old family and new,
I donned the green and brown,
HOPING the words I had to say,
Would really sink, deep down.

The weeks leading to the event,
Were a flurry of busy buzz,
My heart and mind were tied in knots,
Thinking of what was.

The years where Connie joined the ranks,
Of runners, spirits high,
Were a wispy thought of yesterday;
A memory gone by.

I saw sweet Connie at Hershey Med,
And hugged her body tight,
I looked deep down into her eyes,
And THERE I saw the fight.

Then we were off, and on our way,
One step and another,
Team Conquer becoming family,
Turned sister, mom and brother.

We all know what occurred out there,
I hope my team’ll share the tale,
The performance y’all laid down out there
Left a forever, incomparable trail.

The heart that Conquer showed to me,
Was good and deep and true,
The battles won out on the road,
Those Warriors were YOU.

We finished hard, we finished strong,
We made it all the way,
We will run until our mission’s complete,
We’ll make that OUR day.

Cancer doesn’t stand a chance,
with Greg, Bobby, Jodie and Hank,
We won’t slow down, we’ll stay the course,
We’ve got endless fuel in the tank.

We shared our words and our hearts,
But I was stunned all the way,
When many of you raised up an arm,
To show, “And I’m ok.”

So now it’s time to finish up,
And put it all out there,
You are all now my family,
For all of you, I care.

Together we will win this fight,
For kids and Connie, too,
We’re gonna put cancer in the ground,
And make this world brand new.

Just a few other little things:

Bobby – For taking on the Extreme Team every year and working so hard.

Brian – For always believing in me, especially when I don’t.

Greg – For being the BEST MINION ever.  We never would have made it without you.

Wes – For taking on the driving role with my better half.  I’m so so so thankful to have had you on the route and can’t wait to have you back.

Casey – For your continued support and we were LUCKY to have you on Conquer!

Jim – You know I love you.

Brian A. – I appreciate you SOOO much, especially that dress!

Todd – Thank you so much for giving of yourself and your time.

Bob and Charlie – Thanks for taking us all the way!

Moralers – Hube the Goob and your team: You have no idea what you mean to each and every one of us.  There are no words.

Sarah – Because no matter what, you’re there for whatever I may need.

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