Lost and Found

It’s been too long.

There are times in every runner’s life when you find yourself far off course.  You’re running along and you look around and realize you took the easiest route and, in doing so, the wrong trail.

Sometimes, you need to stop, take a sip from your hand bottle, pop a hand full of Honey Stingers and then take a sharp left down the road less traveled where you were supposed to be all along.  It may be tougher than the pretty serene rails-to-trails paved path you’ve been on, but it’s the right one and will get you where you were always supposed to go.

So, here’s to no more coasting down the easy, peasy, pretty path.  I’m on my way to nitty, gritty, rough and rocky this-is-where-you-were-meant-to-be dirt trail.  Bravery is just a word until you live it.  Leap and the net will appear.


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