TDT 2.0 Moralers

Today I am thankful for that time in any endeavor when everyone involved is ALL IN.  They are completely invested.  It can be a new race training plan, a new business or a tug-o-war contest.  It’s this wonderful glittery time where everyone is blasting full speed ahead with all their mind, heart, and might.

What I’m thankful for even more than that is when all those people keep their part of the bargain.  When people let their yes mean yes and their no mean no.  When people uphold their personal and professional integrity in the face of adversity.  When others, wavering in their convictions, see this ability to stand tall in the battering winds, they too remain dedicated to the mission.

There are some of these people gathering today to devote time, energy, love and glitter to something bigger than themselves.  Some are new and some are seasoned, but they are all selfless wonderful people who have raised me up, on more than one occasion, to dance and run with my heart when my feet were too weary to continue.

Have fun this weekend Moralers!

We love ya!

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