Running and Yoga

Imagine your most loved and delightful thing.  That thing is what makes you calm, brings you clarity, moves you forward when everything else is looking back, fills you with self-worth and pushes you to accomplish more than you ever dreamed.  Then make it better.

This is what yoga did for my running.  Fantastically, amazingly, beautifully better.  Open hips, happy joints and a quiet mind are all fringe benefits for a running yogi.

I love how forgiving yogis are.  They are just as forgiving of themselves and others as runners are hard on themselves.  I always know that during a yoga class, at some point, I will hear the instructor say, “Beautiful.”  He/she could be talking about me, one of the other 2-40 people in the room or themselves.  And it’s completely ok.  Why? Because at the end of every class, we all say together, “Namaste.”  Loosely, it means, “The light in me honors the light in you.”

How beautiful is that?

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Not as just as runners but as humans?  I’m just wondering how many people would just like to be honored once a month, week, day?  I never realized I was missing that until I got it.

And I’m thankful for all those with whom I’ve shared honored light and those I’ve yet to honor.

Consider giving it a try.  Open your mind, your heart and your hips. What’s the worst that could happen?  Something you love gets even better.


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