Give a little grace…

We’ve all got a lot to learn.  One must always remember that every situation is an opportunity to learn a lesson.  An easy lesson or a hard lesson, there’s still a glimmer of a sparkle of a speck of wisdom that comes from every peak and valley.


Padding along out on the road or melting into my mat in the studio, the one thing that follows me everywhere is this: remember to forgive.  I used to be able to hold a grudge like a champ (and given a few days of removed mindfulness, I’d likely go right back).  I never forgave the weather, my family, my enemies, my friends, the bottom step I always tripped over, God, me.  You name it and I was probably withholding forgiveness.

I couldn’t do that with running or yoga.  I had to forgive myself the way the road and the mat forgive me or I’d never make it out and I’d never go back.  I needed to learn that I would benefit just as much from the ugly days as I would from the lovely days.

I needed to learn that withholding forgiveness just brings darkness; to my heart, to my relationships, to my life.  How does withholding forgiveness benefit me? It doesn’t.  Just gives me an excuse to be mean, ornery, and dishonest.  It’s never ok to be those things, no matter what the excuse.

How do I (we) benefit from giving out forgiveness, unconditionally, no strings attached?
1. Letting go of negative emotions quickly.
2. Not worrying about burning bridges.
3. Not getting stuck in the past.
You get the picture.

Most people are just doing the best they can with what they have to work with.  Consider that with the grudges you have in your life right now.  Consider that YOU are doing life the best you can with what YOU have to work with.  Consider what it would all be like if you put down that huge bag of grudges you’ve been hauling around.

Who can you forgive today? Maybe you? Maybe me?

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