off track

As a runner, it’s really easy to get caught up in the moment of the run and lose track of the pre-planned route.  I was once so engrossed in the pace, I ran right past the house.  When I got to the corner past the house, my husband said, “Hon, where are we going?” It was great!  I was able to see that even though it appeared as though we changed plans, he trusted me to take us someplace great.

Sometimes “off track” is just where you need to be.  If you’re feeling off track, stop and take a look around.  Really take it in.  What are you missing by not being present?  If you are too busy screaming about how afraid you are that you’ve fallen off the path, you may be missing the beautiful music playing in the meadow or the wind whispering the road less-traveled is just to the left.  If you are too busy crying because you are not still moving toward what you thought you wanted, you might be missing the sunshine, the twinkling stars, the amazing show of the lightning storm or the rainbows after that storm.  Getting lost may just help you find more of yourself than you could ever imagine.  Find new possibilities.

Please just consider that wonderful things can happen when you wander off your path, in running or in life, if you just look around.

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