A whole new world

This is true every single day.  Every time you lace up your sneaks, unroll your mat, or even just open your eyes and put your feet on the floor, you’re in a whole new world.  You have complete control how you interact with everything going on in the world around you.  You may experience the same things today that you did yesterday, but you don’t have to react the same way or manage it the same way.  You have a whole new opportunity to change your world and make it brand new.

Treat each day, each new opportunity, with the complete reverence every new day of your life deserves.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so when it transforms into today, consider it an enormous blessing.  Never forget those who don’t have the opportunity to experience the amazing transformation of tomorrow into today.  If you can’t change your world for yourself, at first, change it for them.

Make your whole world new every single day… because you can.

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