Following a guide to awesome… Day 1

I had a birthday a few days ago.  It was pretty awesome.  The people I love and those who love me gave me several days of delightful celebration.  It was clear I have a lot to be thankful for:  my family, my friends, a lovely home, my yoga practice, my run life, involvement with an amazing charity (The Hope Express), a place in the dreams of others and the knowledge that no matter what, I’m never alone.  One material gift I received this year was the book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome (thanks Charlotte).  This has been on my list for quite some time.  This kiddo, Robby and his awesomeness enabler, Brad, are fantastic.  They work to build others up and truly make the world a better place.  In this book, there are ONE HUNDRED suggestions for being AWESOME.  So, guess what?  I’m gonna do it!

Each morning, I’m going to take the next activity on the list, try it out and share my little thoughts.

# 1: Put down your phone.  The main focus of this section seems to encourage people to live in the moment rather than obsess over documenting it.  When I read that was the first lesson, my jaw dropped.  You see, this past weekend, my husband surprised me with two consecutive out-of-town surprise trips to celebrate my birthday.  One of them was to New York City to visit Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  As we were standing in line, awaiting our admission to the Museum, we discussed that even though there were portions of the Museum that did allow photography, we would keep phones and cameras off and put away.  We wanted to honor and experience everything in that space, first hand.  That mind-set followed us the rest of the trip and although we did snap some photos, we at least halved our usual amount of photographic screen time.  I think it really enhanced the trip for us.  The jaw-dropping part of the situation is that I didn’t get the book, or the first lesson, until AFTER we returned from the trip.  It was like getting a little head start on this project of trying to live out this Guide to Being Awesome.

Maybe think on this tonight.
Maybe vow to use your phone less tomorrow.
Maybe take one less photo.
Maybe just think about how to be more present.
Maybe actually BE more present.

How will you try to be more awesome tomorrow?

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