Following a Guide to Awesome… Day 4

Today’s wisdom from Kid President’s Guide to Awesome is:

Be less busy and be more awesome.

Kid President and his advisors seem to think that being busy is ok, but taking a look at your to do lists every once in a while is a good idea to make sure you are busy with the RIGHT stuff.  In the grand scheme of things, we have a very short time here.  Some have a completely unfair and disproportionately short amount of time (compared to others) and, as such, we should be using that tiny amount of time we have here to be awesome.

What did you do today?
Was it awesome for you?
Was it awesome for someone else?
Did you change your world?
Did you change someone else’s world? …For the BETTER?
What are you going to do tomorrow?
If it isn’t going to make the (or someone’s) world better, maybe think about changing your plans.
“Too soon, it’ll be too late.”
“Live, don’t wait.”

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