Following a Guide to Awesome… Day 5

Kid President says:

Let’s live in a world with more high fives.

I’m so excited for day number five because I’m so far ahead of the game on this one.  Let me just say, in a somewhat self-aggrandizing fashion, I ROCK at high fives.  I give them frequently.  I give them whole-heartedly.  I give ’em with GUSTO!  And, “Why?” you may ask?
Here are my answers:
1. High fives are a most delightful form of instant gratification.
2. High fives are a form of wonderful human connection without invading personal boundaries.
3. High fives encourage a range of positive emotion including, but not limited to: joy, accomplishment, encouragement or… just the need for speed.

Kid President’s Guide to Awesome provides eight delightful variations so I suggest picking up the book to practice.

Tomorrow, how many high fives will you pledge to make it a better world and build someone up? Share with us your high five stories.  Start a movement.

The photo associated with this post is most likely one of, if not the, BEST HIGH FIVES I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!

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