Following a Guide to Awesome… Day 6

Today’s words on the page of awesome:

Bring Awesome Back

Number six was a little bit about meeting a cool celebrity (to find out who it was, you have to buy the book).  I love hearing about celebrities who are also good people.  It always makes me feel good to know that people who seem to have very fortunate lives are actually stand-up people.  Kid President was treated to a concert and back-stage passes.  There were cute moments meeting this celebrity’s family members and getting to know each other.

There was a surprise, though.  It was not the extravagant accommodations, yummy food or all-access time with the celebrity, it was how this person made everyone else in the room feel like the celebrity.  Kid President explains how great it felt to be treated with such importance by such a VIP and suggests we treat people in our lives the same way.  He explained that celebrities are that because society deems them worth celebrating and asks the question: What if we celebrate as many people as possible?


What kind of world would that make?
Would you want to live in that world? (I would)
Who can you treat like a celebrity today or tomorrow?
Maybe just celebrate one person.  Then tomorrow another.
Maybe send a note to someone who needs it.
Maybe give flowers.  Or a cupcake.
How about sending Happy Fall/Harvest/Halloween ecards to everyone you know with a name that starts with the letter A. (I’m hoping to get a lot of ecards tomorrow.)
Tell your mom how much she means to you! Or just call her and say, “Hi.” (I have it on good authority that if you have a mom, she’s wishing you called her more.)
What are your ideas for making a world of celebration?

Here are some fun places to create ecards.  Now get to celebrating!!
Blue Mountain

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