Guide to Awesome… Day 13

“Every time you see a slide, go down it.”

Thanks Kid President and your Guide to Awesome for today’s wisdom.

We all have slides in our lives.  Some of us go down every single one. We learn, grow and sometimes have an amazing adventure.
Some of us stay on the straight and narrow path.  We never even look to the left or right to see the slides we are missing out on.
Some of us think we are going down slides, but we are so afraid and our eyes are so tightly closed that we don’t enjoy the ride or we don’t realize the ride never started.
What slide are you standing at the top of… not going down?
What’s keeping you at the top?
Tell me about the last slide you went down.
Were your eyes open?
What did you see?
What did you miss?

What slides will you go down today?

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