Guide to Awesome… Day 17

Kid President’s Guide to Awesome’s pearl of wisdom today:

Treat everybody like it’s their birthday.

This is particularly poignant because it is Abby’s birthday.  She’s my cousin.  She’s cool.  I like her.

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Kid President has a lot of nice things today regarding this (please purchase this delightful read for more details).  While there are some potential drawbacks to treating every single person like every single day is their birthday, there is something to be said for trying to always remember that every day a person has is a blessing.  We should celebrate the person and the day.  There are people in every life and every day that are tough to take or rub us the wrong way.  I have my fair share.  These people are the ones about whom we need to remember this the most.  We always need to remember that no matter how much someone gets on our nerves or annoys us or irritates us, they are still a miracle of life.  Makes it a little easier for me.

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