Guide to Awesome… Day 18

Kid President’s Guide to Awesome says:

Mail your friend a corndog

Yup.  It really says that.  It really does.  I just can’t convey all the reasons you should pick up this book.  This is one of the most adorable suggestions so far.

I’ve never mailed a corndog.  I don’t plan on mailing a corndog to anyone, although I know a few people who would be neither surprised or disappointed that I sent them a corndog (Katie V., Charlotte B., Sarah R, just to name a few).

I do; however, get the point that showing thoughtfulness to someone by sending them a little something that serves no other purpose than to say, “I think of you.  I care about you.  I wanted you to have something to brighten your day.”

I love writing and sending cards.  Who would you send a card to today?
How about you send that card?
What’s getting in the way?
Maybe start with an ecard and work your way to a regular card… and THEN a corndog?
Or flowers.

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