Thirty Days of Thankful… Day 6

Today, I’m thankful for


Mine and other people’s.  I’m always thankful when I am forgiven because I know I am completely flawed and it is a wonderful show of grace when I am forgiven.

I need to remember that feeling of grace when I’m being less forgiving toward others.  Let’s be honest; people are going to treat you badly.  I don’t think ANYONE will EVER spend their whole lives being treated the lovely way all those who share the miracle of humanity should be treated.  I just need to remember that when I’m lied to, mislead, cheated, used or exploited, it says more about the people mistreating me than it does about me.  I need to remember that I should feel badly for those sad people who feel they need to live that way.  I need to remember to send them all the light and love possible (because they need it most).

Today, I’m forgiving.  Who are you forgiving?

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