Guide to Awesome… Day 31

New Year… New Direction… Same AWESOME!

Kid President suggests that asking questions would make the world more awesome.  I agree.  I agree if only for the fact that it would get people talking less and thinking more.  I’m entirely including myself in this.  Think of all we’re missing when we’re not asking questions.  All the wisdom inside all those minds we interact with every day but never really connect with.  What does it say about us when rather than ask questions and make connections, we become defensive, aggressive, self-centered and unkind?

Next time, during conversation, when the urge to begin your monologue, diatribe or pontification rises up within, push it back down and become inquisitive.  Put the focus off yourself and to this amazing human you’re blessed to connect with.  Cultivate human connection and an exchange of ideas.  Create pathways of positivity and demolish freeways of negativity.

What questions should you be asking?


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