Guide to Awesome… Day 37

Today starts a new chapter in Kid President’s Guide to Awesome.  This new chapter is the suggestion for Day 37:

If you want to be a world changer for people everywhere, be a day maker for the people right next to you.

I’ve been considering this in so many avenues of my life.

Running: As a runner in a community where it snowed A LOT recently, it completely makes my day when people shovel their sidewalks.  There have been a number of excuses about why various members of the community haven’t been able to clear the walks.  If you have a neighbor who is using one of these excuses, maybe try not judging and shoveling their walk. Maybe it’ll make you a day maker for your neighbor?  I know you’ll be a day maker for the runners in your community.

Yoga: Last night, I had the opportunity to talk with numerous non-yogis about yoga. One common thread about why these awesome people aren’t getting onto a mat was fear.  They don’t know anyone, they’ve never done yoga, they have done yoga but where they went seemed really clique-y, on and on and on.  Maybe the next time you are in a situation, yoga or otherwise, where you are comfortable and know a lot about what’s going on, make friends with someone who doesn’t.  I bet it will make you a day maker.

People: Just listen.  Be a day-maker by listening without agenda, without a prepped response, without multitasking. Just be present and listen.

How are you going to be a day maker for the people next to you?

Let us know how it goes.

Make some ripples.

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