Guide to Awesome… Day 44

Today, Kid President’s Guide to Awesome provides yet another delightful way to bring a little elevation to the world:

Invent a new handshake.

Every. Single. Time. I see a secret handshake or personal greeting with a little flair, I laugh as I am reminded of my Mama and Aunt Judi.  They are amazing in so many ways, but few beat their childhood need for a secret handshake.

Throughout our lives, we are often reminded of silly things we thought as children.  My mom and her sister had the adorable and slightly frightening thought that when they grew up, they might be so different and so out of touch that they may not recognize each other immediately upon passing on a busy street in a 1980s New York City, Working Girl with Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford, kind of setting.  In order to combat any mistaking a complete stranger as a beloved sister, they developed a secret handshake so completely ridiculous, no other could accidentally make it through without immediately being found a fraud.

They would practice situations where Cindy was the real Cindy but Judi wasn’t the real Judi and situations where Judi was the real Judi but Cindy wasn’t the real Cindy.  Then, as if to set the universe back to order, they would practice where Judi was the real Judi and Cindy was the real Cindy and successfully complete the entire routine ending with a hug for long-lost sisters.

My family frequently gathers for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc.  It is always a delight when we have a new attendee and stories I know so well are recounted to bring laughs, tears (happy and sad), and warm memories.  Of them all, one of my favorites is a complete reenactment of the Cindy and Judi secret handshake.

And yes, I know the handshake and will teach it to those who are worried that one day they will grow so different and so disconnected that on the busy streets of a thriving metropolis, they will not be deceived by a familial imposter.




photo: unsplash

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