Kripalu 7.21.16

The trip took around six hours, which is nice, because for some reason my brain (with no prior research) decided that it would take eight hours to get here.  On the way, I saw three deer frolicking in a meadow.  I thought to myself how cliche that seemed and wondered why my mind wanted to take away the joy it found in seeing the deer by criticizing.  That’s a bigger matter.  I listened to Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie on the way.  It was even more fabulous than I had hoped.

Upon arrival, in an attempt to find some items I had forgotten, I toured the lovely Lenox and the less lovely, but no less interesting, Pittsfield.  I found a run-down mall that made me both sad and happy.  Sad for the abandoned spaces, happy for the business that all the local shops were likely getting in place of the massive box stores.  The Target was thriving.

The first evening with Elena Brower was a delight.  An authentic and interconnected joy of a person.  She liked plank and holds.  She offered that plank can be about grounding back while reaching forward and shifting the gaze to give one’s self a tiny glimpse of the future.

I have arrived.  I have arrived at Kripalu.


The view from my room.

Featured image photo credit: Kate Grove

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