Kripalu 7.23.16

I walked into class yesterday morning, put down my mat, and retrieved my cushion, bolster, and block. It had already been the most delightful morning as this was the view for my individual meditation:


View during personal AM meditation.

I was there a little early, as I am a little early to most things.  I saw this guy walk in.  He had this massive bag andthenallofasuddenmymindwentthisfastwhenIrealized: WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A YOGA CLASS TO LIVE MUSIC! And this live music wasn’t just any old live music… this was GARTH STEVENSON live music.  If you don’t know who that is check him out here. It was a phenomenal class.  The sound and energy was so uplifting it was the easiest hard class I’ve ever taken.  Schedule permitting, I don’t think I’ll ever pass on an invitation to a live music yoga class again.

Some intentions:
AM: Awaken to another possibility. | Invitation: Invite the question; it contains the answer.
PM: Harmony: Create harmony amongst all parts and influences.

There will be few times in life when I can manage to have more than one intention a day so I’m going to run with it while I can.  What are your intentions?  What is one?



cover photo: unsplash

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