Kripalu 7.24.16

Sunday’s personal meditation intentions focused on mindful speaking and presence.  Then, the morning class with Elena Brower was about presence.  I see a theme that my life thinks I need to pay attention to.  Since your presences here, in theory, is your presence everywhere, here are a few things to consider:

  1. What do you see that you do not want to see?
  2. What have you unexpectedly seen beauty in?
  3. Think of someone you’re currently blaming and what are you blaming them for?
  4. What is something positive you can blame them for?

Reverence Reset.
Give away what you want to hold onto.
Share what you want for yourself.
Provide to others that which you need.

Where do you need to really show up for others?

How can you make your presence a present?





photo: unsplash

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