Kripalu 7.27.16


I can change my patterns when I change my mind about them.

Fortitude: Stay strong in your body to create fortitude in your heart.

I encountered so many people yesterday who were working on strength in the body because their hearts were (and still are) so broken.  These people just kept showing up for me yesterday.  All I could do was listen.  Those days of: be present really came up for me.  These people didn’t need me to solve their problems or figure out how best for them to deal with the problems.  They just needed me to listen.  If given some room, most people can solve all their own issues.

“We already have everything we need to heal ourselves.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we don’t need doctors, but we certainly know the difference between being sick because we haven’t gotten enough sleep or are too stressed and being sick because we have something that requires medical examination, diagnosis, and medication.


How can you change some patterns today? Try one baby step.

What’s one way you can strengthen your body today?

How can you be present for others who need to lean on your strength of heart?

Have you been surprised at your strength of heart? How so?




photo: unsplash

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