Guide to Awesome… Day 47

Kid President does it again…

“Tip big, Yo.”

I love the experience of eating out.  I appreciate the creativity of the chef in the kitchen.  I enjoy engaging with the waiter/waitress/server.  Also, there’s always dessert.

People working in food service have really difficult jobs.  I’ve never worked in food service, but I know many that have.  What you perceive as a bad waiter/waitress/server, could actual be someone who is currently having a family emergency and could not find anyone to cover a shift. Or, maybe they are just having a bad day and a great tip could turn it all around.  No matter what, be kind.  You have no idea how many times people have been kind to you for no reason, and when you, maybe, didn’t deserve it.

Show a little love.  What could it hurt?





photo: unsplash

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