On the fourth day of…

On the fourth day of the new year… it was another first day.  Today was the first Wednesday of 2017.

We’re about half way through the FIRST week of the new year.  I’ve talked with several people who already feel the “new” of the new year wearing off.  That may be, but I think there’s a chance every day to make something “new” again.  Sometimes in the darkest times, we need help to remember that each and every day is a new gift.  I know I do.  The time after the holidays can be especially difficult.  This past year was a tough year for a lot of people, but all we can do is the best with what we have.

Here are a few ideas to keep the “new” in the new year:
Visit a new or rarely frequented business in your town.
Watch an online tutorial to learn a new skill.
Make a coffee/ tea/dessert date with a long lost friend.  Actually put the date on your calendar.
Think of someone who annoys you, has hurt your, or you’ve judged as less than a good person and meditate positivity and prosperity for them.
Maybe for today, just today, give yourself credit for all you’ve done, let go of judgement of yourself for any mistakes you think you’ve made, and allow yourself to remember you are perfect, you are whole, and you have everything you need to be exactly healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

How can you make today new?

How did you make today new?

Let us know.  We all need the inspiration sitting in your heart waiting to connect with us.

photo: unsplash

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