The fifth day of new…

On the fifth new day, we find a new (or renewed) ability to be inspired.

We can find inspiration to get out of bed or go for that new job.  Inspiration that can propel us away from anger and toward joy.  Inspiration that can lead us to bloom where we are planted and find the best and brightest spots in even the roughest situations.  Inspiration that can remind us that with no mud, there is no lotus.

Please do not put boundaries around what may or may not inspire you for these sparks of light can ignite from the least expected places.  I have a few rituals each morning.  I have some quiet time after taking care of the doggies and getting my husband off to work.  My quiet time wraps up with a little social media browsing and news site reading.  The much maligned social media peruse in the AM is, for me, an opportunity to find inspiration.  I know that we can get wrapped up in the comparison game, the cloud of negativity, the hate rhetoric, etc.  When we mindfully navigate social media with an aim to be inspired, and “share” or “forward” that inspiration, we can be delightfully surprised.  Today I was not disappointed.

What inspired you today?
Did you share it?
Why not?
It’s not too late.
Inspire someone.



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