Attention to detail…

Sometimes, mindful living is in the details.  Today I offer that you can be mindful in a moment and immediately after, forget that mindfulness.  Sure enough, though, when you least expect it, a spark of inspiration can remind you of those long-lost mindful moments and encourage you to do what you can to increase their frequency.

Have you ever been to a place that was so awe-inspiring you know you’ll have to go back because you are sure you missed at least half of what was important?

I have.  I usually spend the time between the first and second visit beating myself up for everything I likely missed.  I think I have these moments every time I experience something related to the Marine Corps with my mom (former Marine).  This past year, for the Marine Corps Birthday, I drove mom down to the Marine Corps Museum near Quantico, VA.  This visit was one of those times where I was sure I missed a great deal of what was going on because I was so concerned with ensuring the best Marine Corps Birthday possible for my mom.  Then, today I remembered I hadn’t unloaded the photos from my “fancy” camera to my computer.  As I flipped through the months of photos waiting in my camera, I saw the photo displayed at the top of this post.  A full shot of the Veteran’s Memorial at Semper Fidelis Memorial Park here.  The park is a trail that snakes around the Marine Corps Museum and more information on that stunning walk can be found here.

I couldn’t believe I had forgotten this precious moment.  I saw the monument from afar, but I could not shake an overwhelming need to walk directly next to it and look skyward.  This was not a human hand but it represented thousands.

In times like these, we can get so wrapped up in the big, loud, dramatic moments that encroach upon our daily mindfulness practice. This photo was a reminder to me that even when the most ferocious storms, actual or emotional, are bearing down upon us, we can find peace, meaning, inspiration, comfort, and connection in the sweet still of the eye.

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