Tough to find…

We live in a world that can make our days feel disorienting, dark, sensory-overloading, erratic, and unstable.  These days can make it extremely difficulty to find a mindful intention for that day from within.  On days like these, I totally call it in.  I don’t try to force an intention.  I’ve found that on days when I try to force an intention, it feels so inauthentic that I lose that focused intention before lunch.

For days like today, I pull out my Art of Attention deck.  God bless Elena Brower and Erica Jago for their collaboration on this delightful deck.  The photo above features some of the cards from this inspirational deck and, FYI, the Believe card and Light card were my random picks for today.  Click here for more information on this deck and the companion journal.

Gabby Bernstein and Kid President are also  sources of constant positive inspiration for me.  Click here for Kid President and here for Gabby Bernstein.

What tools do you use to help find intentions?  We’d love to hear.
How does a daily intention impact your day?
Do you find it easier to find intention internally or externally?
What are some of the intentions you find internally?

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