Intention: Remove the Lens

No matter how much clarity we think we have about a situation, we always have a lens through which we see the world.  I find myself so often trying to completely remove the lenses, pretend they don’t exist, change them, or get other people to believe my lenses don’t exist.  I spent a disproportionate amount of time in my life subconsciously toiling on these futile tasks. I recently realized that I will never escape my world through the lenses of my existence.  All I can do is identify my lenses, understand how they shape the way I see the world, acknowledge how they influence the way I behave in the world, and refuse to allow those lenses to keep me from connecting with amazing people.

Simply acknowledging the lenses changes the way you see through them.
Just be aware.
What are your lenses?
How do they shape your world view?
How do they shape how you see other people?
How do they shape how you see your family?
Your job?
Your home?
Your life?

Let us know what you find.

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