When I have questions, I seek answers. There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Seek the answers I want
  2. Seek the answers that provide me with knowledge, treat my stupidity, and cure my ignorance

Perhaps this is a good time to think about our questions.
More importantly, perhaps most importantly, think about the answers you seek.
Where are you getting your answers?
Do your answers hurt or degrade others?
Do your answers incite rage?
Are these the answers you want or the answers that are true?
Do your answers encourage kindness?
Do your answers encourage cooperation?

Who would you be if you sought your answers in a new way?
What would it change about you if seeking answers was something you did with an open heart?
Would it change something drastic?
What if you sought answers in such a way that elevated us all?
What if we were mindful of how we seek answers?
What if?


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