Another first day…

Heck yes it is another first day.

I published this on January 1, 2017:

Today is the first day.

What does it start?  The year? The year 2017.
The journey you’ve been waiting your whole life to begin? Why are you still waiting?
The process to go back to school?
The planning of the life you’ve always wanted to live?
LIVING the life you’ve always wanted to live?

Do it! Please.
For you. For me. For the world that is waiting for all the amazing you have inside you.

What is your intention this year?  Too much?
What is your intention for this month? Week? Day? Hour? Minute?
Start NOW.
The road awaits you.

We meet again on the first day of February.
Did you make some progress?
Yes? AWESOME! Keep it up.  Check back in with your intention.
Is it right for you?
Is it challenging you?
Do you want challenge?
Does it need adjustment?
Did you make progress?
No? THAT’S OK. You are not alone.
What do you want to be different?
How can you start today?
What is one tiny thing you can do today with intention?
Start small, if you want.
Start BIG, if you want.
Make ripples or MAKE WAVES.
Both matter.

Let us know what happens.

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