One July, too long ago, I spent a week in New Orleans.  I was with my church and half us were spending time building homes with Habitat for Humanity and the other half of us organized and facilitated the summer bible school program the church in NOLA didn’t have the staff to continue. Everyone worked during the day and explored the city in the evening.

Anyone with a visit to NOLA in their repertoire remembers the street performers lining the thoroughfares.  I happened upon a middle aged man, well dressed, with horn-rimmed glasses and ruffled hair sitting on the sort side of a milk carton.  In front of him, sat an old typewriter atop the tall side of another milk crate.  He had a small handwritten sign that said, “Poems – $20.00.”  I gave him my money and said to come back by in an hour.  Our group was eating in a restaurant feet from where he was sitting.  I said I would come by after we finished dinner.

The photo above is of the scrap of paper upon which he typed the sweetest words.  I recently rediscovered the poem.  I’ll be framing it and hanging it in my home office, but  WOW was it poignant.

Where there is a vacuum, God will send in humble souls to fill it…
-Matt 7.15.2010

No matter your faith, what vacuums do you see?
What do they mean?
What/who do they impact?
What does it mean to be humble?
Who do you know to be humble?
Is there anything you fell drawn to do?
Is there anything you feel called to?
Can you do it?
Why not?
What will it do?
Does that matter?

Share. Think. Connect. Elevate.

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