Guide to Awesome… Day 54

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome suggests something delightful for day 54.

Help somebody who is younger than you.

**Tissue ALERT**

This past weekend I found this story. It moved me so completely that I thought I’d share here in hopes that if you’re looking to be moved on this completely glorious morning, this can help.  Some days I just need to be moved from my stuck place to action, feeling, stillness, mindfulness, meditation, thought, elevation…

Be moved

How can we help someone younger?
How can we move forward?
How can we think outside the box?
How can we make a difference?
How can we change a life?

There are countless ways to accomplish the tasks asked about in these questions. Here are some ways I like to move:
Show up.

For any more information about these amazing opportunities, reach out!
Do you have unique ways to help others. Let us know!

Share. Think. Connect. Elevate.

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