Guide to Awesome… Day 55

Oh Kid President, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Read. Then read some more.

My husband recently asked me what I thought about the difference between mindful and mindfull.

Here’s what I think:

I think most people are mindfull but rarely are we mindful. Every day, we think so many thoughts. They completely fill our day from one moment to the next. How mindful are we about what exactly is filling our mind? How often do we find ourselves mindlessly watching TV, scanning social media, or anxiously awaiting the negative result of something unlikely to happen? How often do we let our mindfullness alter our mindfulness? For me? ALL THE TIME!

So what can we do about it?
Maybe take Kid President’s advice and make your mind full from reading.
Something I learned in yoga: Acknowledge it. Label it. Let it go!
Practice meditation.
Practice your choice of physical exertion.
Practice a hobby.
Pay full attention to your pet.
Pay full attention to your food. (When’s the last time you really tasted all your food?)
Pay full attention to every bite. (Photo taken at Soul restaurant in Annapolis. YUM!)
Pay full attention to anything.
Just one thing.
Start for just one minute.

What do you replace mindfulness with in your life?
What are you mindfull about?
How do you replace mindfullness with mindfulness?

Share. Think. Connect. Elevate.

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