Guide to Awesome… Day 60

Throw a pop-up art show.

Lately, when I’ve been considering Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome prompts, I’ve been trying to think outside the box. The grad school course I’m in the middle of is about creativity and innovation, so one would think this would be easier than when I’m taking a class on something like servant leadership, right? WRONG! 

Of course, this stream of consciousness immediately brought me to this thought: what gets in the way of creativity? My creativity? My synthesis of innovative products?

One hundred people could ask themselves this question and come up with just as many answers.

My answers to questions like these come along with what I’m most currently struggling with.

Most recently: acceptance or the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

When I’m considering this construct, how am I ever going to be able to think of ANYTHING outside the box? I’m not.

Am I good enough for ____________?
I fill that blank in with a bazillion things.

With a little tweaking, I can give myself power rather than take it away:
I am good enough for ____________!
This idea evolved from Elena Brower though the Elevate Mentorship group she is leading.

Think of how much of the world we could take on if we empowered rather than devalued.

What could you do feeling empowered?

Share. Think. Connect. Elevate.

Related and yet, not: One person who always shows me unconditional acceptance, Jill Kraz, organized an AMAZING event last weekend. There’s still time to donate to this great cause, so please, check it out!

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