Guide to Awesome… Day 61

Take someone’s photo and hand-deliver it to them.

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome is a trove of delight and positive thought. On this rainy day when it is easy to forget the sun is shining still, just beyond the clouds, I called upon a passage to brighten my heart. When I read the words above, I immediately thought of Jeremy Cowart (This is story and it is AWESOME).

Jeremy spoke at my church in January of 2016, shared his story, and since then, I consider his work a inspiration. His body of work is vast and includes taking someone’s photos and hand-delivering it to them. He’s worked with some of the biggest stars, spoken at a TED event, and explores the world with is wife and four kiddos. His current projects include The Purpose Hotel, Help Portrait, and See University.

Perhaps if we all start with small connections like Jeremy (taking a photo and hand-delivering it) we can grow the impact of our lives just as he has done.

What can you do to connect in small, meaningful ways?
How can you make that grow?
What can you dream?


Share. Think. Elevate. Connect.

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