7.24.17 Hawaii Day 1

A day late and a dollar short?
Yes, this post is a day late, but since I’ll be completing these in the evening and Hawaii time is six hours behind most of the people who would read this, it’s going to seem like a day late every post anyway.

Yesterday, I spent about 19 hours traveling. BWI to DEN, DEN to HNL, HNL to ITO. Flight leaving BWI was good.

Flight leaving Denver (about 6.75 hours) was interesting. Without getting too negative or ridiculous, let us just say that I didn’t really have a seat to myself because I was sharing with the grandma of Little Red Riding hood and Rapunzel.

In Honolulu, I met one of my teacher training instructors (Serena is AMAZING). We had my first food of the day and then hopped on the plane for the final aviation leg of the journey.

When we landed at around midnight EST, my husband had asked that I call to let him know. While on the phone with him, walking to baggage, I see this:

So I went like this:

And this:

These two people are on their HONEYMOON! And surprised me with and airport pickup, dinner, and drive to Kalani. Just WOW!

Time changes are HARD. Collapsed around… well, I don’t know. Then woke up at 1am (jungle rain sounds), 2am (koki frogs), 3am (more jungle rain), 4am (the wild boars and babies nosing around the brush for breakfast), and finally gave in around five to get some things squared away and watching the sunrise from my AMAZING room:

I’m not really sure how anything could top the first day, but in attempted yoga style, I’ll try not to stay attached to that.


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