7.25.17 Hawaii Day 2

Two years ago, when I attended my 200 hour yoga teacher training, I came from a toxic and ego-driven environment. I think, in many ways, I allowed this to make me toxic. We each have the power to choose to engage in what leads us to the best versions of ourselves.

I came to this training surrounded by genuine, loving, inspirational people. I hope I can carry the authentic, compassionate, and encouraging spirit that has been bestowed upon me to those I interact with here.

I have been so blessed to walk a path that has brought phenomenally positive and uplifting people and experiences into my life. Today helped me to remember and appreciate that.

I spent today sitting by the ocean and watching sea turtles play in the surf. Geckos, cardinals, mongooses, and wild boars appeared as I reacquainted myself with this inspiring place. I met some new amazingly magical individuals and was reunited with true angels on earth. I got to laugh a lot, cry a little, and appreciate everything.

The path to this moment was a sweetly broken mess of joy and missteps. The path from this moment will be traversed with intention and a joyful heart. I am so thankful for this journey.

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