8.9.17 Hawaii Day 17

My dad would have been 63 today.

Some years, his birthday goes by with light memories of fun birthdays past. Some years, I want to hide under the covers and cry all day. Today was one of those hide days, but yoga teacher training all day precluded me from participating in that.

My dad’s favorite dessert was carrot cake so you can imagine the combination gut-wrench and connection I felt when I got to the end of the food line today to find that dinner’s dessert (for the first time in 17 days) was carrot cake. While it sat on my plate watching me eat my dinner, I contemplated whether or not to eat it. Some kind and loving friends held space for my sadness in grief and joy in remembering today. I’m thankful for them.

Dad’s birthday carrot cake.

This was truly an example of yoga off the mat.

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