Thirty days of thankful 3.0… day 1

This mindful month’s intention?

Share thankfulness.

What are you thankful for?

To kick off this year’s thirty days of thankful, I’m keeping it simple. I’m thankful for the time…

The time to smile at my husband.

The time to snuggle with the pups.

The time to roll out my mat or go for a run.

The time to watch amazing people work to cure cancer.

The time to have coffee/tea with my mom.

The time to teach a yoga class.

The time to get annoyed in traffic.

The time to roll my eyes at political posts I don’t agree with.

The time to complain about over priced athletic clothes.

The time to get embarrassed that the dogs bark too much.

The time to stress over my grad school homework.

The time to feel overwhelmed with too much on my plate.

Im thankful because this is the time that slips away so quickly, is gone before you know it, and leaves you wishing you had more.

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