Guide to Awesome… Day 64

Kid President is the coolest. In the book Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome day, 64 is SO AMAZING!

Come up with names for things that already have names.

I do this all the time. Only, I don’t really just give it a new name, I give it a name. You know, a people name. Every year, I name our Christmas tree. This year, my mom even named her tree that we brought home today. I usually like to name the tree a name starting with the letter g. This year’s tree is Gearaux. My mom’s tree is named Barbara. We name the squirrels that frequent our yard (Ozzie, Patches, and Harriet) and the fox we see from time to time (Gertrude). There’s a spider/cave/camel (take your pick, they are all the same bug) that inhabits the basement. Realistically, it’s not the same one, but any time I see one, I name it Constance.

These are all sort of ridiculous things to do, but wow do they make life fun and a little easier on the tough days.

What do you do to make life a little whimsical?
Do you do anything?
What would life be like if you did?
Could you?
What could you do?

2 thoughts on “Guide to Awesome… Day 64

  1. Your posts make any given day much better. 🙂

    My chubby cat, Leo, has started a morning routine of chewing on his crinkle ball toy before my alarm goes off. It’s not a bad alarm, really. It’s loud enough that it definitely wakes me up. I was wondering if certain people would prefer this alarm to a traditional alarm clock. Maybe the training video could be called “Diva Crinkle” or “Crinkle Diva” or “Good Morning Crinklecat” … idk, these are the random things I think before I’ve had my coffee hahaha


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