Reflect and Release

Respect yourself enough to say, “I deserve peace,” and walk away from people or things that prevent you from attaining it.
-Jerico Silvers

For me, the week between Christmas and the start of the New Year is always a good time to reflect, acknowledge, analyze, accept, and/or release.

What has served me well this year?
Will is serve me well in 20gr8teen?
How can I cultivate that?
What has not served me well this year?
(note: Just because something was disagreeable this year, it does not mean I was not well served by it. It could have been a lesson.)
What has lead me to peace?
What has robbed me of peace?
What have I allowed to get in my way?
What do I need to prune in order to facilitate my growth?
What do I need to release to be able to continue my journey?
What sets my soul on fire?
How can I stoke that fire?
Who/what tries to put that out?
How can I release those?

Exploring the answers are not easy.
But they are necessary.

What about you?
Think. Connect. Elevate



Photo by Alice NG on Unsplash

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