I have a difficult time with power trippers.

Since I spend a lot of time in the yoga world right now, it manifests most for me here.

When I say I spend  a lot of time, I take a yoga class a day, either at home on YogaGlo or in a studio. I have completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training and many additional hours of continuing education, online courses, and mentorships. I read a lot of books and articles, attend workshops, and teach meditation and yoga classes. (disclaimer: all this time does not equal expertise, just illustrates an overly inquisitive nature)

Today, I followed a somewhat dark thread of study and inquiry around some pernicious individuals and practices in the yoga world. It was pretty scary and disheartening; however, the thing I noticed through it all was an abuse of power.  I found myself listing in my head all the individuals I know in the yoga community who abuse their position of power. They utilize the admiration of students to their advantage and as a fulcrum point with which to gain a perceived position of mental, physical, or emotional superiority. They try to position the world into an us vs. them scenario.

I thought… WHOA! This is jacked up!

I began to think about how toxic those people are and wonder just how they evolved as people to operate so naturally in such a hurtful way. I thought about how those people throw around their opinions like they are facts, how they reign over those they deem lowly or less enlightened, and how they pontificate whatever comes to mind with complete disregard for the feelings or wellbeing of others. I thought about how these people…


I’m no better.

What is it?

These people are just people.
Anything other than that is just a story I’ve built around it.
Anything other than that is just my own power that I’ve given away.
I have no control over these people.
I can only control whether or not I waste time judging them.

Who do we judge?
What would our lives be like if we could just let it all go?
How much time would we save?

Best of intentions.


Think. Connect. Elevate.



Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Judge

  1. I love this! It’s so important that we watch that judge-y-ness in our heads and more important that we don’t engage in abusing power knowingly or unknowingly. Have you seen this book? Someone recommended it to me just yesterday it’s definitely going on my wish list!

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