It’s really easy to tell myself to learn from my mistakes.
But then I actually have to go and do it.
I have to remember that everything from last year did not serve me or others well (somethings did, so I’ll keep those).
Everything from last year did not raise the vibration of myself…
or my community.
Sure last year wasn’t a failure, but it wasn’t a solid win either.

Lessons from last year:
Only commit to things I fully believe in and understand.
“Don’t cross an ocean for someone who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.”
Prune things from my life that are sucking me dry.
I can love things and let them go.
Sometimes loving something best is letting it go.
“Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world,
Today I am wise and want to change myself.”
I can only control myself – nothing more.

more to come

What lessons do you need to remember from last year?
How can you learn from them and release the crap?


Think. Connect. Elevate.

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