From the micro of the mat…

We can find lessons everywhere. Lately, I’ve been finding the most difficult lessons easily translate from the microcosm of the yoga mat to the macrocosm of life. Teaching yoga classes brings a whole new perspective to the practice on my mat and the practice of living life.

A pose is offered as a journey.
There are several stops along the way.
Perhaps the breath at the start of the pose is where one should stay today.
Maybe moving to the next stop on the journey is best,
or just a pause until moving further…

The elbows are unsafely hyperextended.

The hips, knees, and ankles are dangerously out of alignment.

The neck is cranked so far backward that the cervical spine is SCREAMING.

The lower lumbar spine is crying at it’s almost right angle backbend position.

The shoulder is maneuvered such that it appears almost out of socket.

You think you know what’s supposed to be happening.
You don’t.
You think this is what it’s supposed to feel like.
It’s not.

Why are we always trying to cram ourselves into something we think will take a good photo, or project the “right” image, or… I can’t even imagine?

We do the same things in life.

I think I’ll try for my new intention, I’ll just take one day at a time. One pose at a time. Cease from trying to force myself into poses and positions in life that do not fit or serve me.

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