Meaning Monday

There are five elements that contribute to Martin Seligman’s Well-Being Theory. While I’ll take time to discuss all of them, Meaning is our focus today. Seligman explained that meaning speaks to one’s connection to and service toward something bigger than the self.

Sometimes, I feel meaning is quite simple to assign. Subjectively, I can say I feel connected to x, y, z in this moment because the cause is important to me or the people involved are important to me. Conversely, this meaning can evolve or shift. Relationships can strengthen or fracture. A strengthening of meaning is generally positive, unless it becomes obsessive. Weakening of meaning is often perceived as negative. But, what if that connection to meaning was toxic. Does it matter? Was the meaning all that mattered? Are there levels of meaning? I can be dedicated to a charitable cause, devote time, energy, and resources toward advancing that cause, and find a great deal of meaning in knowing that the work I am doing is impacting/changing/saving lives. BUT, what happens to that meaning when individuals at that charity are abusive, selfish, self-centered, short-sighted, and narcissistic? Does the meaning change?

Share a time when meaning changed in your life. Strengthened, weakened, or evolved. What did you find? How do you feel it impacted your well-being? What did you learn?

Thanks to everyone who shared last week. We will touch base on well-being and wellness again soonest.

Think. Connect. Elevate.

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