Mother’s Day, 2018

female parent
a woman in authority
an old or elderly woman
source, origin
tenderness or affection
the extreme or ultimate example of something’s kind
(from various internet references)

This is always such a funny holiday.
Some people love it and are extremely happy.
Some people miss their moms and have broken hearts.
Some people grieve the mom they always wanted, but never had.
Some people are filled with sorrow over the mom they don’t get to be.

To paraphrase a message shared with one of my yoga teachers who passed it along to the world today, being a mother doesn’t necessarily come from physically giving birth to a baby. Mothering and nurturing comes from all different places.

While I know many amazing mothers with children who share their DNA, I know just as many amazing women who mother in their own way.

Happy Mother’s Day
to ALL moms.

And to my mom who loves irises,
thank you.

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